QL Resource is an e-learning resource specially developed to complement the Focus series for Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Science. With innovative multimedia at work, this resource features three main formats to enhance the learning process and achieve meaningful learning.
  1. 3D Videos
    The 3D animated videos deliver engaging science contents with English narrations and subtitles. The videos cover related topics that range from the human body to detailed science experiments. A short quiz or science fact serves to reinforce understanding at the end of each video.
  2. Interactive Animations
    The interactive animations elaborately explain science concepts with the help of interactive images, animations and narrations in English. The animations are supported by attractive diagrams and tables to help students understand the topics in a simpler way.
  3. Interactive Simulations
    The interactive simulations present an opportunity for students to understand better by interacting with the simulations as they provide instant outcomes, thus stimulating their minds to approach complex topics easily. The simulations are supported by easy navigation, dynamic illustrations and conceptual contents.
  1. Each book comes with a personal Activation Code which enables you to access the QL Resource for the particular subject only.
  2. The QL Resource for the Focus series is only available from 1st January 2014 to 31st December 2015.
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